Review: Alice Brine’s Brinestorm

There’s lots of laughs to be had at the 2016 New Zealand International Comedy festival, particularly at Alice Brine’s show Brinestorm. Playing at BATs theatre from April 26th – 30th and at The Basement in Auckland from May 10th – 14th, Brinestorm does not disappoint. Infact, it’s one of those shows that you can see more than once and it won’t get boring. If you’re trying to decide what New Zealand International Comedy Festival shows to go to, Brinestorm should be your first choice.

Watching Alice perform you’d think she had been doing stand up for years. However, she was only just named ‘Best Breakout Performer’ last year at the 2015 Wellies Comedy Awards. Right off the bat Alice emanates a strong yet laid back attitude. Brinestorm takes the audience on a roller coaster ride through the mind of Alice Brine. Living as a woman with ADHD in her twenties, Alice has a lot to say, and she says it all in the right ways. Beginning with Alice informing the audience of her ‘full blown’ ADHD, and that she might lose concentration halfway through the show; Brinestorm is full of jokes about topics people should be talking about. While it may seem like Alice is berating herself, the audience laughs with her instead of at her. Brinestorm also involves a lot of content the audience can relate to. Alice’s stories about her extensive flat mate problems will leave your cheeks hurting. Her story about her awkward sexual encounter will both make you laugh and grimace. Infact, it made one audience member “look like he was watching an episode of One Born Every Minute”. We’ve all been to high school, and Alice (while talking about her experiences at Hutt Valley High) gifts us jokes that we can all relate to. Her own stories about high school evokes our own memories of high school, and encourages us to laugh at our own high school experiences.

There’s no doubt why all of Alice’s shows sold out, her unbridled energy is infectious. Her stage presence is natural; she looks like she was born to do stand up comedy. She’s constantly engaging with the audience, drawing them in and making jokes with them. Brinestorm feels like you’re just having a laugh with a friend. Alice can make anything funny, even stain removal and her hectic morning routine.

Alice Brine talks about topics that need to be talked about. She uses a throwaway line while talking about periods to address the stigma that censors female comedians and their material. Alice is not interested in being censored, she stands up for what she thinks is right. Just recently her Facebook post on consent and victim blaming went viral. The post reached international audiences and was published on websites such as Buzzfeed and Teen Vogue, spreading an extremely important message across the globe.

Everyone needs to experience Alice Brine at least once in their lives. You can see go see Alice  at select shows at The Basement Theatre in Auckland and hosting Lip Sync Battles every month at The Fringe Bar in Wellington.

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