Review: Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

I’ve had my eye on the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit’s for awhile now, however I had never gotten the chance to try one out for myself. I had heard mixed reviews about them, but most of the time they were positive. Finally this week I got my hands on my own Kylie Lip Kit, and I was not disappointed.

Now I would hardly call myself a makeup reviewer. I wear make up pretty much daily but I actually don’t know that much about it compared to lots of other people. However, I still wanted to review this product as I want to tell the people about things I love!

To start off I love the packaging for these Lip Kits. I got the colour Kristen, a darker red. The packaging is unique and instantly recognisable. The actual tubes the lip liner and liquid lipstick come in feel and look great. The packaging is strong and durable.

Now to the actual lip kit. The liquid lipstick smells AMAZING. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about the scent of it, but I love it. It smells kind of like vanilla lollies, but different again. The application of the lip liner is so smooth and easy, taking less than 30 seconds. The liquid lipstick is the same, you only need one coat and your lips are perfectly and evenly coated.

It takes about 40 seconds for the lipstick itself to dry, and once it’s dry it does. not. move. Kylie says these lip kits are long lasting and they most definitely are.

Here’s what it looked like about an hour after I applied it:


Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo at the end of the day but it lasted the ENTIRE school day (roughly 8 hours!). When I wear lipstick it usually wears off pretty quickly, because I chew at my lips when I’m bored or stressed. This lipstick lasted through all of that!

Even though I don’t have a photo from the end of the first full day I wore it, here’s a photo from the end of the second full day I wore it (this was taken after eating pizza too):


You can buy yourself a Kylie Lip Kit (or two) on her website:

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