Top 5 Reasons Why I Fangirl Over Wellington City

1: The People

The people who live in Wellington are amazing. There are so many creative, inspiring and hard working people who live here. Check out for more of a look into some of the amazing people who live in Wellington.

2: The Beaches

Wellington is home to some amazing beaches, almost right on your doorstep. In summer, the beaches are perfect to laze around on and go swimming. In winter, the wild Wellington weather might not always be ideal beach weather, however the beaches are still nice to look at, which leads me to number 3…


3: Wellington is Pretty

It may seem like a simple reason, but Wellington is pretty. Like, really pretty. Wellington is a really colourful city filled with lots of different street art and interesting buildings. The creative people that live here have contributed hugely to the different art around the city. I highly recommend that you just go and explore the city.


Photo credit: Lucy Jane Revill,

4: The Coffee

Let’s get real here, the coffee in Wellington is amaaaaazing. There are so many adorable cafes here that I can’t actually pick my favourite. They’re perfect for sitting down and having a coffee by yourself or with friends.


5: The Views

Because Wellington is surrounded by hills, there are so many different gorgeous views here, particularly of the harbour.  Locally, I’d recommend a walk up Mt. Vic to see some views of the city, or if you’re feeling more adventurous there’s stunning views from places like Horokiwi or Maungaraki.


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