HOW TO: Customise Your Bag The Fangirl Way



One of my favourite things to do is to make things look awesome without spending too much money on them. Being 16, I actually have to do that a lot as my budget is very limited. I also love being able to express myself, and because I have to wear a uniform at school one of the ways I can do that is through my bag!

Here’s how I customised my bag:

Things you will need:

  1. Plain coloured bag
  2. Different coloured thread
  3. Sewing needle
  4. Pencil
  5. Badges (optional)
  6. Pins (optional)
  7. Eraser

If you have never hand sewn anything before, it would be a good idea to practice on an old piece of fabric because sewing things directly onto a bag can be quite difficult. Start with practising straight lines, then circles and different letters or patterns. YouTube has a lot of great tutorials on how to sew.

Once you feel confident with being able to sew, start with sewing your badges onto your bag. Badges are super simple to sew because all you need to do is sew around the outline of them. Start in one corner, (making sure you push the needle all the way through the edge of the badge of course!) and keep going around the outline of the badge. Make sure you use a thread that is a similar colour to the outline of your badge. I started with sewing my “Prism” badge onto my bag (because Katy Perry).


If you don’t have any badges, that’s okay! Now is the time to get creative. Think of something you want to stitch onto your bag and find a reference image. Reference images are really helpful because you can always go back to them if you get lost. Use a pencil and make a light outline of what you want on your bag, don’t worry about making mistakes, you can always rub the pencil out.

Once you have a light outline of what you want on your bag, start to sew where you drew your outline using black thread. If you do the outline first it makes it easier later on when you sew the colour on.

Once you have the outline in black thread on your bag, start to stew on the colour. Make sure you always go in straight lines to keep your embroidery nice and neat. It’s actually very simple to embroider your bag, you just have to get the hang of it.


Words are just as easy to do, simply lightly write the words you want on your bag in pencil and then stitch over the lines in whatever colour thread you want.


Get creative with what you choose to sew on your bag, don’t be afraid to express yourself and what you love!

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