Small Dog Socials: The Place To Be For Small Dogs




What can’t be loved about little dogs? They’re adorable, and they have personalities twenty times their size. So, what can be better than a gathering with a big group of small dogs?!

Yesterday I went to Small Dog Socials with my cavoodle (mini poodle x cavalier king charles spaniel), Molly. It was an afternoon full of sunshine, butt sniffing (lots of butt sniffing), and smiles all around.

If you own a small dog like me you’ll know how different and unique their personalities are, which is why an event just for small dogs is perfect.


Small Dog Socials is the place to be for small dog owners or just small dog lovers. From white fluffy poodles to teacup chihuahua’s in their little coats what more could you want? It is run by Anna Marie Sutherland, who also owns Pucci, Daycare for dogs. Small Dog Socials meets on the first Sunday of every month at Hikoikoi Reserve in Petone, Lower Hutt.


Once everyone has arrived and met each other, the group of small dogs and owners all head off on the short walk through the reserve and down part of Petone Beach. The walk is all off lead which means it’s the perfect opportunity for your small dog to play and socialise with other dogs it’s size.


There are poochy smiles all around, little dogs sprinting up and down the beach together and some of the brave ones even racing into the water for a swim. Molly is usually a quiet dog who sticks to herself however at Small Dog Socials she loves going up to all the other dogs her size and saying hi.

It’s also a great way to mingle with like-minded small dog owners. So, if you own a small dog, or if you simply love small dogs, Small Dog Socials are perfect for you.

Small Dog Socials meet the first Sunday of every month at Hikoikoi Reserve in Petone – check out their Facebook page for more details:

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