Happy New Year!

2016 was an extremely crazy year. Yes, a lot of really shitty and scary things happened, however career, life goals and growing up wise it was the year of the biggest change in my life. Before 2016 I didn’t really know what I wanted to do and I thought that this country (New Zealand) had no opportunities to give me. In 2016 that all changed. I met some amazing people that showed me that New Zealand did in fact have a lot of opportunities to offer, and that if you hustle hard enough and talk to the right people, you can get some pretty awesome opportunities in this little country of ours. Some highlights of last year included discovering the NZ comedy community and the awesome people in it, discovering the NZ creative community in general, starting this blog, meeting Lucy Revill from theresidents.co.nz, making a new best friend at school, and a lot of other cool stuff. I really can’t remember what my life was like before all this cool shit happened in 2016.


2017 is possibly going to be even more insane (in a good way) than 2016. It’s my last year of school, which two years ago I would’ve been excited about, but I’m actually pretty sad and hard to believe that it’s coming to an end. I have lots of wonderful, big, exciting ideas planned for 2017. A lot of those ideas will change and grow or even get smaller as this year progresses, but that’s part of it all. Some of these ideas are trying new things that I’ve never done before, and I can’t wait to see how that goes.

This year my only new years resolution is to work hard but stay chill at the same time. I’m excited to see what this year brings, I’m excited to meet a lot of new people, and I’m excited to see where this blog goes.

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