3 Reasons Why Oodles Are My Favourite Dogs

‘Oodle’ dogs are dogs that are crossed with a Poodle, for example Spoodle (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle), Labradoodle (Labrador x Poodle) and Cavoodle (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle) which is what my dog, Molly is.


I’ve owned Molly for three (or four?) years now and over that time I’ve learnt that Oodles are definitely not your average dog breed. I love Oodles so much that recently I started the ‘Wellington Oodle Meet-ups’ that happen monthly, and they’re basically the best thing I’ve ever done ever. We meet every month and Oodles from all over Wellington come and play and meet each other and there’s lots of butt sniffing and happiness. Because I love Oodles so much I thought that I would dedicate a whole blog post about them. So, here’s my 3 reasons why Oodles are my favourite dogs!

1. Their Faces (face floofs)

Oodles have very distinct looking faces. They all have a moustache and a beard that give them almost a teddy bear look. They have the most loveable little button eyes and they’re so cute that they all look like they’re not even real.


2. Their Quirky Personalities

Oodles have the most quirky personalities that I’ve ever come across in dogs. Not one Oodle has the same personality. For example, my dog Molly doesn’t like many strangers or many dogs, but she has a select few ‘best friends’ that she loves very much. Every morning she paws at the door of the cupboard where her duck tenders are and she has to start her day with one of them. She doesn’t like couriers or older people and her favourite type of dog is a Border Collie.



3. Their Trainability

I have met a lot of Oodles, and I have never met one that isn’t very smart. I have seen Oodles being used as assistance dogs, they’re ideal for people with allergies as most of them are hypo-allergenic. Molly knows a whole bunch of different tricks, and can even do agility.


If you are interested in getting an Oodle (you totally should), there are a handful of breeders in New Zealand, and occasionally there’s some at rescue centers. If you’re in Wellington, come and check out the Wellington Oodle Meet-Ups. If you’re outside of New Zealand, there are many Oodle breeders around!

All photos except for the ones of Molly by herself were taken at my Wellington Oodle Meet-Ups by CPM Photography.


  1. I love oodles too — goldendoodles and labradoodles are my favorites. I’m allergic to most dogs but poodles and their crosses are ones I can handle. I just met someone here in the states who has an Australian labradoodle which she told me has three additional genetic lines. Walden is his name and he is such a sweetheart. Love your sweet Molly.


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