The End Is Near! Back To School #1

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be writing about going back to school. This is part one of my back to school series.


This year is my last year at high school… ever. If I’m being honest it’s a bit unbelievable, I can remember my very first day there. I’ve met so many amazing people at high school that have taught me a lot. With that being said, I’ve loved being on summer break. It’s given me time to have a break from assignments, deadlines and marks and I’ve had time to plan what I’m doing this year career wise and organise a lot of exciting things that are happening.

Going back to school is going to be interesting and stressful, but it’s also going to be really really fun. This year I’m definitely going to learn a lot about prioritising things I’m doing, especially during busy time periods (I promise I’ll TRY and make school my number one priority!?).


For the majority of people, going back to school can be a really shit time. However it doesn’t have to be! If you have a positive mindset about it then it will make the whole situation a million times better. Even though school can be really terrible at times, it can actually be a really positive environment and can teach you a lot, even if it’s not academic. Sure, I’m a firm believer than I have learnt a lot more outside of school than I actually have at school but I do still learn things at school. Don’t burn yourself out this year. Remember what YOU are capable of. You can’t compare yourself to the person next to you because your brain doesn’t work the same as theirs. Think about things you know you can achieve, and that you want to achieve, and aim ever so slightly higher than that.


Summer breaks are great and incredibly important. Everyone needs a break from their day to day lives, it doesn’t matter if you work full time or go to school full time. However getting back into your daily routine is a really healthy and good thing. This summer break I didn’t go away anywhere, but I still made the most of it and did some awesome stuff. I went out for lunches, did day trips to the beach, and got some new very exciting opportunities! This year the hustle is going to be real AF. On top of going to school I’m going to be covering some awesome events, (hopefully) do a lot more interviews, as well as some other great things!

To sum up, yes going back to school is really crappy but if you have a positive mindset about it it will make things a lot easier. Don’t burn yourself out this year and stay chill.

All photos taken by Lucy Revill from The Residents.

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