Interview: Josh Davies on British Comedy and Dorkward

Josh Davies has a show in the 2017 New Zealand International Comedy Festival called Dorkward with Joel Hansby. You can buy tickets here:

Who are you and how did you get started in comedy?

I am Josh Davies; I had wanted to be a comedian since I was about 15 when I started watching a lot of British comedy online. I grew up in Levin where there isn’t enough people (or joy) to have a comedy scene, I was also too much of an idiotic teenager to think about googling how to do comedy in New Zealand. So I just had this idea of a career I wanted and I had a simple plan of doing it which was to go to university to study geology. Then go on a student exchange to England where I could become amazing at stand comedy and maybe complete a degree just in case it didn’t work out. Then I got to university, hated it and dropped out after a year. So the next year I entered the RAW comedy quest in Wellington in which I did alright and have just continued from there. 

What inspired your Comedy Fest show?

I am doing a show with fellow comedian Joel Hansby and we are both very awkward people which is what our show is all about. For me what inspired it is just being an inadequate human being because when you aren’t good at being in social situations you can become hyper focused on what everyone else does effortlessly, that then is translated into jokes. I also grew up fully blind in one eye on very little vision in the other. Come to the show to see what WACKY consequences that has.

Why should people go and see your Comedy Fest show?

1.       Because it’s going to be very funny.

2.       I have spent a lot of money on making it and would like to not lose all of it.

3.       I am blind (partially) so if you don’t come you are a bad person.

4.       Neither Joel nor I have any level of fame. So in 10 years’ time when we are super famous you can be like ‘I saw them before they were cool’ and annoy your friends with you self-entitlement.

5.       It’s going to be very funny; I just want to reaffirm that.


If you could describe your Comedy Fest show in 3 words what would they be?

There are no three words that could describe the hilarity, intelligence and punctuality our show has in store.

What’s your favourite part about the NZ Comedy Fest?

Getting the opportunity to perform every night and then go hang out with a load of interesting and funny comedians from across the world.

What’s the most important thing to you about doing comedy?

The laughs. The adoration. The honour.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into comedy?

Just do it. If it goes amazing or if it goes terribly nobody in the audience will remember you, probably by the time they leave, so the result is of no consequence. And if you don’t get any laughs maybe change the jokes to ones that do get laughs. 

Aside from your own, what are three Comedy Fest shows people should go and see?

Guy Montgomery – Let’s all get in a room together.

He is one of the best comedians New Zealand has to offer. He is so good at comedy that it will make you sad because you know you’ll never be that funny.

Andy Zaltzman –  Plan Z.

He is that host of ‘The Bugle’ podcast and can satirise like no one else. I think his show is more or less sold out but I assume he regularly googles his own name and I want him to see this. 

Lou Sanders – The best of Lou Sanders.

She is another very funny Brit and it’s called ‘The best of Lou Sanders’ you would have to be a fool to call your show the best of without having top shelf comedy to back it up. 

Photo credit: Gareth Bradley Photographic.

Buy tickets to Josh Davies and Joel Hansby’s Comedy Festival show here.

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