Interview: Paul Williams on Summertime Love

Paul Williams is a 2017 Billy T award nominee. He is playing his 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival show, Summertime Love 2nd – 6th May in Wellington at BATS Theatre and 16th – 20th May in Auckland at Basement Studio. You can get tickets here:

Who are you and how did you get started in comedy?

I’m Paul Williams. I got really into a few comedians when I was about 12. Flight of the Conchords, David O’Doherty, Demetri Martin and the god Mitch Hedberg. They were my holy quaternary (I just googled: ‘what is the 4 version of a trinity?’). When I was 20, I did my first Raw night in Wellington and had a really good time.

What inspired your Comedy Fest show?

Summer, my primary school crush Laura and the timeless Mike Myers motion picture, ‘The Love Guru’.

Summertime Love A2 facebook Poster

What’s it like being a Billy T nominee?

It’s great. I cried a little bit when I was nominated. When I was studying in 2013 we had to write a career plan and I put that I would win the 2014 Billy T Award. This was a bold call considering I’d just started comedy and obviously I failed miserably. Like, I didn’t even apply. But now I have a chance to nail it, three years behind schedule.

Why should people go and see your Comedy Fest show?

It’s the best show in the festival*.

*Comedy is subjective and therefore this claim cannot be disproven.

If you could describe your fest show in 3 words what would they be?

Best, Show and Ever.

What’s your favourite part about the NZ Comedy Fest?

I always love rushing from one show to another. I’m in Melbourne at the moment and I’ve been going to four shows a night. Also I love hanging out with comedians. I’ve decided that comedians are one of my favourite types of people. They’re so crack up.

Edinburgh Fringe Programme

What’s the most important thing to you about doing comedy?

Having fun and making sure the audience has fun.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into comedy?

Write down every little idea you have and be yourself.

Aside from your own, what are three comedy fest shows people should go and see?

Rose Matafeo – Sassy Best Friend

Guy Montgomery – Let’s All Get In A Room Together

Alice Snedden – Self-Titled

Nic Sampson – Jewel Heist

I know you said three but I really wanted to put Nic down. There’s heaps more I’d like to add as well. Just play it safe and go to all of the shows.

You can like Paul Williams on Facebook here:

Buy tickets to his Comedy Festival show here:

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